Collaboration – Kitty + Dot

Folks, I want to share some exciting news! My very talented friend + artist, Katie French, has asked me to collaborate on some artwork with her. We’re combining our art + design skills to create some fresh designs that will very soon be displayed (at Hair Lounge Minneapolis) and for purchase. Please check out Katie’s instagram feed to see her beautiful work! And please check out our instagram feed (Kitty + Dot) where we’ll be updating our progress.

A little tid-bit of info about our collaborative art name “Kitty + Dot”. Katie’s mom has called her “Kitty” her entire life and it’s something her friends have adapted. For me, growing up with an identical twin sister, people often asked “How can I tell you two apart?” and so we came up with the answer “Dena dot”. My dot is the distinguishing mole on my chin. And so years later was born Kitty + Dot.

Here’s a little teaser of Katie working on a lovely watercolor texture. Stay tuned!

He’s a Natural

Being a stay-at-home-mom (and part-time designer) brings me much frustration and much joy. I thought I’d share with you one of the ways Auggie brings joy to my life. He asked “More painting please?” and so here he is using watercolors!

I’ve liked some of his artwork so much that I’ve frames a couple pieces.